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Head of  The Department

Md. Shakhaowat Hossin

Associate Professor

Welcome to the Department of Finance and Banking.

The department is committed to academic and research excellence. Through our activities, we aim to contribute to the success of individuals, companies and society as a whole. The activities of the Department of Finance and Banking focus on the development of new knowledge and skills that contribute to financial success. Our research is conducted in a wide variety of issues ranging from financial markets and banking, corporate finance, asset pricing, corporate financial statements, capital market, financial economics, financial inclusion, and Sustainable development.

The department organizes different academic seminars and workshops on a regular basis and is equipped with all major finance and banking databases.

The updated curriculum of the Department of Finance and Banking offers students a heightened understanding of the synergetic disciplines of financial management, banking, financial markets and institutions, and financial forecasting. Students practice this knowledge to hone their abilities, extend their understanding of today’s markets, and financial verdicts by investors, firms, and government. Graduates of this Department have access to a wide array of employment opportunities in national and multinational businesses, government, and not-government organizations.

Offering Degree(s):

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), [Duration: 4 Years]
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA), [Duration: 1 Year]
  3. Master of Business Administration (Professional), [MBA (Professional)], [Duration: 2 Years]

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